Enrollment form (Contract)

Fill in the enrollment form, print it and send it to LEKTOR.

Participant’s personal data


Information regarding the camp


Information regarding participant’s health


Was the child vaccinated against (if yes please provide the dates):

The agreement is made between Lektor Travel sp. z o.o. Oławska 25, Wroclaw and


I am decided to take part in a camp four youth/camp for children. I oblige myself to pay for the camp within 5 days after receiving the confirmation of reservation and to send completed application form and test.

I declare that have familiarized myself with the framework programme and these terms and conditions which constitute an integral part of the contract concerning participation of my child in the camp in:

and I declare my full acceptance of these terms and conditions by affixing my signature herein. I also declare that I have provided, to the best of my knowledge, all important information concerning my child’s health that is needed in order to ensure appropriate care for my child during the camp.

Signed application form need to be printed and sent to LEKTOR.